Resident Evil 5 cutscene problem

Everytime it goes to a cutscene, it turns black. I can hear the audio and see the subtitles but no video. I'm running everything maxed settings and getting 60+ FPS but no video when it comes to cutscenes WHY!!!??!?!?

Thanks for the help guys!

i7-930 @ 2.8ghz
XFX Radeon HD 5850

Nothing is overclocked. All drivers updated. I'm running Resident Evil in DirectX10 mode. I have DirectX11 so that isn't a problem either. What do you guys suggest???
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  1. its cuz ur playn such a terrible game. ur pc is rejecting its console related history lol.

    really thou, is this not something you should ask about on the resident evil forums? All we can tell u is...ya ur pc looks nice...dunno why ur havin the black screen of death...sowry m8e.

    inevitably thou someone is going to ask you to update your drivers...even though you already mentioned doing it. rofl
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