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when i am talking to someone i cannot hear them talking to me i can only see the subtitles, but while running around i can hear other people having conversations and all the other noises that go on in-game, just not my conversation with an NPC, i know for sure it is not a hardware fault, it is a mod i've added but even disabling all of my mods does not work my conversation with an NPC still only shows the subtitles so it must be something a mod has altered but i havent a clue when it comes to knowing what documents do what in textures and meshes and sounds so looking through them wont help either.
i apreciate any help if anybody knows wat maybe be done about it, thanks.
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  1. you can honestly expect anyone to know the specific cause to this. maybe a 2% chance a developer on the Bethesda forum would even help u with a mod problem.

    ...this is toms hardware btw....

    how about reinstalling oblivion and downloading oblivion overhaul. That will likely get rid of your mod related problem.
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