Takes 5 minutes to load NVRAM?

I have a buddie of mine with a P4C800-Deluxe, he just recently acquired the problem stated below, i've told him to flash, but he would like a second opinion first.

"Ok well, EVERYTIME I turn on my computer I get the POST, and when the POST gets to "Checking NVRAM" It stays at that for 3-6 minutes. I can't even get my BBS menu or Bios up. I would have to hold down the button for 3-6 minutes to get it up. And when it does boot into Windows XP Pro, It shows only a 132GB HDD and I have a 232GB HDD. This problem first accured yestarday when I tried to install Win XP Pro (From Win XP Home). Well while I was installing the Pro It wasn't reading my HDD write, so I just partitioned it the way it read it. (I thought it would get fixed when I booted into windows) Well then it got to Windows Installation window. And it said there was an error reading a .dll file. So I restarted my computer. AND BOOM my POST takes 3-6 minutes to do anything. I had my 3.0GHz P4 Prescott to 3.6GHz and my Memory was running at 400MHz and 3-4-4-8. I tried setting my Bios to default, but it does not work. Also today I got Win XP Pro to work and have SP2. And HDD and POST problems still exsist. Any suggestions would be appreciated, but for now I am going to leave my computer running. (Don't want to wait 6 minutes for it to reboot)"

Asus A8V Deluxe(rev. 2.00) / A64 3200 (winchester) / 1024mb OCZ DDR500 (2.5-3-3-8) / BFG 6800GT@stock / Baracuda 120GB / Lian-Li PC-65 / Syncmaster 700NF / OCZ Power Stream 520
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  1. Sounds like he's buggered the boot block. Tell him no sweat, he will have loads of time to flash the bios while waiting for the rma on his hdd.
    If he wants to save the drive, he may be OK with a full format, but a good hdd cleaner would be better.
  2. The potential quick fix is the full format with the /u switch. However, if it is the boot block - he'd save a lot of heartache and cursing if he just rma'd it now. Once a bad block, always a bad block - it's just a matter of time.

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