Most Wanted

i installed nfs most wanted. i started it. everything was fine. but the game graphics looked somewhat blurred and pink in colour.
these are my congigurations:

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2.93ghz

Intel Motherboard


1GB integrated graphics support
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  1. you are playing the game on an intel integrated graphics so this is obvious ....the only thing you can try is lowering the game graphics and resolution if it's too high...
  2. NFS MW would call for a dedicated GPU in order to run smoothly at high settings. My GTS250 does the trick, though at lower resolutions. Consider getting a GPU
  3. bt my friend with same config played it. and i got assassins creed working
  4. Although I would also agree that you should rather be using a dedicated GPU to run Most Wanted, if your friend with the same specs got it working, then maybe you just need to update the drivers? check Intel's site for generic or your motherboard maker and see if you have the latest drivers. :)
  5. hey if you are able to run assassin's creed it will be running at lower settings only it's your luck and by the way for most wanted either update your drivers or go for any other game like carbon or burnout paradise it will run good on that my friend having the same igp was playing it.
  6. assassins creed was workin on low settings. but i just wanted to play it
    anyway thanks. bt woul buying a graphics card do
  7. Definately, the graphic card is the real solution for games if you are tight on budget just spend an 50$ and you will get hd's the best cards for moderate gamers.
    With hd 4650 you can play every game on high setting on the 1280x768 resolution.Even the latest games like bad company 2 etc will work fine on high settings.
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