asus c800 bios not installed problem

Hi there,

I got the following problem: I just plugged in my Asus C800 Deluxe Board with a P4 CPU. Everything is running fine except the DVD/CD-Rom Device. I'm using a SATA HD as Primary device. Plugged in the DVD Device to Primary Master(IDE). However it's being discovered in the bios itself and I also set it as first boot device but it doesn't boot. (CD is 100% bootable)

The error is: Fasttrack device not found bios not installed

Can anyone help me out here? I need to boot from that DVD Device to be able to install my OS.

Thanks a lot
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  1. The fasttrak is the promise ide controller, which dont work with optical device, if your DVD is plugged on it. If there is no device plugged to the Promise controller, then the controller detect nothing and dont load the BIOS, which is normal. In BIOS, disable the Promise controller if you dont use it.

    So, make sure that the DVD is plugged on the IDE controller that is NOT provided by the Promise controller, but instead, those by the chipset.

    Your manual have all the info to see which connector is what. Usually, the lower ones are the Promise.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
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