Asus A8N-E driving me nuts!

OK, so I've finally put together a system that I'm happy with.
Figured I'd read up on the mobo I'm buying: <b>ASUS A8N-E w. NF4 Ultra, s939 pci-e</b>... Seems like it doesn't exist yet! Not even mentioned on the ASUS website? then y are they <A HREF="" target="_new">selling it</A>? Let's clear this up once and for all, does a non SLI version of the s939 ASUS nf4 mobo exist yet? when is it coming? according to that reseller it will be in their store by tomorrow?
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  1. Do you mean this board? <A HREF=" nForce4 Ultra" target="_new"> nForce4 Ultra</A>
    It's not posted on the N American sight yet. Maybe you will get it tomorrow. First on this side of the big pond.
  2. yup thats the one. It's going to be real interesting to see if the seller keeps his word. Thanks for clearing that up

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  3. I am lookin for the premium version of that board, A8N-E Premium.How do you think these boards compare to the new ati-200?

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  4. I think the NF4 kicks ass, but then I'm really no expert. I just believe in going with the established, reliable components. Since ati is such a new player in the chipset area, they are bound to have infancy problems which I'd rather avoid. Anyway here's a review comparing the two:

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> ati-200 vs Nforce 4</A>

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  5. Quote:
    No idea why you're going with ASUS right now with so many other much much better nF4 Ultra options out there like DFI LANParty nF4 UT Ultra-D, MSI K8N Neo4 Plat and EPoX 9NPA+.

    much much better? Well asus has always been good to me in the past I guess, they seem to do well in almost any <A HREF="" target="_new">review</A> and I seem to have read something about them in THG's "best of 2004 - reader's choice" (also no1 in 03, 02, 01 right?) :smile: .

    The only fault's I see are the somewhat noisy fan, the RAM slots are in the wrong (vertical) direction, and it's a few bucks more expensive than other mobos. Since these are things I can live with, and I don't plan to O/C this asus mobo seems like the ultmate for me. (and it's soo nice looking!)

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  6. This one was on

    I personally like Asus myself,I just got the A8V-E Deluxe.
    Some like other brands that are popping up everywhere, but I stick with what works and is proven. Goodluck!
  7. Asus is just too overpriced for my tastes, I used to think like you do about them, but then I found DFI... :smile:

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  8. DFI is just too overpriced for my tastes. I used to think like you do about them, but then I went back to Abit.
  9. I'll take a no name board that comes out of a Compaq with no adjustments in the BIOS :tongue:

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  10. Quote:
    I'll take a no name board that comes out of a Compaq with no adjustments in the BIOS

    Now that is sick, and demented, and totally untrue.
    Hades for Mozz = an endless supply of high end mobos, all with compaq bios.
  11. Speaking of sick...Look at his siggy......

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  12. Lol, nah, no thanks. I'll stay reserved.
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