need fast help with pcchips k7 m825g mobo

I'm rebuilding the boss lady's comp after she got horribly ripped. 2 years ago she bought a custom job from a company in Morehead, KY named YES Computers. For two grand she got a microatx mobo with onboard video and sound. 128MB SDRam and a Duron 900 proc. I've upgraded her to 512 MB DDR and an Athalon 2500 series proc. My problem is that the board I bought says on Newegg, the box, and the mobo manuf. site that it supports the 333 fsb the proc calls for but the only jumper settings I can find on the board go to 166. I can't find any multiplier settings in the CMOS. Right now Windows is reading the proc as a 1855 speed. Need to get this fixed fast. PLEASE HELP.
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  1. The speed is correct, as is the cpu fsb. The multiplier setting isn't adjustable. 166 (x2) is where the 333 setting comes from.
  2. For future ref, pls list your system components. :smile:

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  3. It's in the Motherboards FAQ, that was the first post at the top of this forum when you entered the Motherboards forum. Since your question was already answered so elequently, why should anyone help you?

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