Fallout 3 crash, but no error message...

I know there's a similar post about the game crashing. The reason why I chose to open a new thread was because, unlike the other aggrieved, my game just freezes mid-play. While in the vault, it was flawless. The problem happened once I came to Megatown. En route also there was no problem. But in the city itself, the game simply freezes. I wait and watch to see if it recovers, or if some msg pops up.....but nothing! Ultimately, i'm forced to end the programme, which is when i get the standard Vista msg that the programme has stopped responding and whether i wanna wait, check online of end the programme.

My specs:

Intel DG41RQ
Intel Core2Quad@2.33Ghz (running on stock)
MSI Twin Frozr N250GTS 1gig (running on stock)
4GB Kingston RAM
1TB Seagate Barracuda@7200RPM + 500GB Seagate@7200RPM
Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit (SP2)

The game was bought off steam and is the GOTY ed. I have no issues with any other game. Played BF2, Far Cry 2, Stalker, COD (all), AvP, etc, etc.

Would appreciate some views on this.

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  1. I Had a similar situation with Fallout 3 and some Nvidia drivers about the 180XX, had to go back to the previous drivers,like you it would just crash back to the desktop,eventually wound up putting it on a hdd all by itself..:)
  2. Hmm...I intentionally didn't update my nVidia drivers since May. I'm running a GTS250 and all the updated drivers felt like they were catering only towards the GTX400 series, so didn't think there would be any betterment to my card.

    Or should I go ahead an update them drivers?
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