Why don't prince of persia t2t display any vedios?

im going to make this quick,, so i'm kinda desprate bcuz i tried all sort of things but none of them made any differance so i was kinda hoping that you can help me find a sollution for my problem that is, the game prince of persia t2t that i have displays no vedios and i don't know why bcuz i had the game two years back and i had it fully operating with no errors and with vedios but the one i bought last month is operating fully but doesn't display any vedios and i mean the once in the extra features that is unlocked when the game is finished. If u can help me i would be greatful because i spent a lot of time trying to find a sollution but i couldn't find any!
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  1. Is this is legal copy of the game or downloaded from somewhere??
  2. nope i don't think its a legal copy ,, why does it matter ???!!!
  3. Quote:
    nope i don't think its a legal copy ,, why does it matter ???!!!

    Yes it does as no help can be given to those who use pirated software.
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