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Both Macbook and Xbox through the same HD monitor

I recently purchased a 25 inch LCD monitor online, and I'm just waiting for it to ship. The monitor has both VGA and HDMI, and I was hoping to setup both my Macbook and Xbox 360 to it.

Now, to hook the laptop up to the monitor I'll need a mini-dvi adapter. But I'm not sure what I'll need to hook up the Xbox to the monitor. Both VGA and HDMI?

I'm also wondering what the most efficient way to do this would be. Is there a way I can have both my Macbook and Xbox hooked up to the HD monitor at the same time? What would be the most efficient way?

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    your xbox (not sure if your talking about the original or 360) can connect with either HDMI or VGA

    If you connect one via VGA and the other by HDMI, you should be able to leave both connected and switch between the two via the monitors input options
  2. Alright, that's easier than I thought. Thanks. But I have a couple more questions...

    1) To set both the Macbook and 360 up to the same speakers, how would I do that and effectively switch between them?

    2) Does the 360 upconvert DVDs through HDMI? I'm wondering what would look better on the monitor, playing a DVD through the 360 or the Macbook.

    Thanks again.
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