Diablo 2 Tal Rashas Tomb question


Ok, I cleared out the tomb, wtf do I do with the horadric staff??

If anyone can help, I am grateful.

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  1. Are you in the right tomb? The reason I'm asking because there are more than one tombs and there is only one correct tomb where you can use the staff in. Check your quest log and look for the sing of the correct tomb.
  2. Once you find the right tomb, there will be a place that you put the Horadric Staff .. Once you insert the staff, the wall opens up and you fight Tal Rasha

    But you have to find the right tomb, there will be a sign in your quest and then outside each tomb is a sign .. You have to match the two, then enter the correct tomb
  3. make sure is the right tomb, in fact you cannot get in the tomb without the staff, press the quest hotkey (default is Q) and select tomb of tal rashaa quest, it will show you the real symbol of the tomb and to open the door must us the staff, hope this help you
  4. what i normally do is go in to each tomb even if i find the right one i double back and go through all of them for XP and loot.
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