Assembling a Dual Processor Machine

I´m a big civilian flight sim fan and use mostly Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
For all I researched no matter what video card you got the thing that makes the FPS stay low is the processor.
So I decided to assemble the ultimate sim machine.
Now, would a dual processor system with two 3.0GHz Intel be twice as fast as a system with a single one? Is it really worth the investment?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

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  1. That depends on how MS/FS is threaded. If it's optimally threaded so that it can take full advantage of the 2nd CPU, then you could get nearly 2x performance (probably in the neighborhood of 1.9x at best). If it's not threaded, you'll see 0% improvement. If its threaded, but not optimally, then you'll see some improvement, but not 2x.

    Have you looked into AMD Athlon64 for your CPU? It generally turns out better gaming performance than Intel.

  2. fishmahn,

    Is there a way to know when an applicatin is threaded or not. Some kind o utility that detects it? Asking MS support would probably take ages if I ever get a reply...

  3. Although multithreading has long appeared to be a good solution for the mismatch between processor speed and memory bandwidth, the embedded industry has been slow to adopt this technology. This reluctance can be attributed to issues such as the lack of software support, the extra silicon expense, and the use of stopgaps such as DDR memory and larger caches. But the tide may is turning, as witnessed at Microprocessor Forum 2003, as several companies, including Imagination Technologies and MIPS, used this conference as the springboard to launch multithreading products and technologies.

    On the surface, the Imagination Technologies META processor is a standard 32-bit architecture that supports both RISC and DSP instructions. The processor has a modular design, typically containing two 32-bit data units, two 32-bit address units, and a control unit. META’s DSP extensions are many of the features found in a full-fledged DSP. The processor implements a system of instruction “template” registers that generates a robust DSP instruction set without requiring an excessively long instruction word.

    The most significant feature of the processor is that it maintains a number of separate hardware execution threads. Multithreading allows the META processor to switch contexts in response to rapid real-time events without software overhead. The META processor’s thread-switching ability is based on complex heuristics. The core of a multithreaded system is the hardware scheduler, which determines which threads will be activated. On every cycle, the META scheduler examines the next candidate instruction from each thread and chooses which one to execute. To make this choice, the scheduler considers the availability of more than 50 internal processing resources and a thread prioritization system.

    Although MIPS has not yet given out many specific details on actual implementation, the bottom line is a definition of multithreading using a hierarchical approach. At the simplest level, MIPS has developed multithreading semantics that will operate inside an instruction-set architecture that will provide a possibility of expressing to hardware the parallelism of a program in ways that couldn’t be done otherwise. This will allow fine-grain multithreading without a great deal of overhead and anticipate the migration of threads for multithreaded and multiprocessor designs.

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  4. Ok, but is MS/FS threaded?

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  5. Yes, but badly. It shows negligable gains in an HT or dual chip setup.
  6. Thank you! :smile:

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  7. Well, Thanks for the replies.
    I give up then.
    I will assemble a machine with the following componets. I just hope everything is compatible!?

    I dont really understand how the AMD processors work since what they call 3.5+ is actully 2.4GHz! Mine is 2.6+ and is 2.1GHz...

    Memory RAM
    2 512MB Kit 400MHz DDR PC3200 DIMM 3-3-3 Single Rank

    Video Card
    MSI Nvidia NX6600GT-TD128E

    MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum

    AMD Socket 939 Athlon 64 3500+, 2.2 GHz, 512KB L2 Cache 64-bit Processor – Retail
    Retail box(with Heatsink and Fan)
  8. Your 2600+ is an Athlon XP, the 3500+ is an Athlon 64. The A64 is improved in several areas, including moving the memory controller onto the CPU, which drastically reduces memory latency, making the cpu perform much better for the same clock speed. The 3500+ outperforms every Athlon XP cpu that AMD made (excluding some that people have overclocked to extreem levels).

    Plus, the performance ratings aren't meant (although it seems logical to do so) to be used to compare different lines of AMD processors. The rating is better (though not officially) used to compare it to the Intel processor of the same timeframe (3500+ compared to a P4 Prescott, the old 2600+ compared to the old P4 Willamette).


    PS: Sounds like a good system.
  9. fishmahn,

    Thanks for the explanation.


    The ATi X800XL seems awesome but I have to draw the line somewhre cause there is always something els for "just" $100 or so more and this thing never ends.
    I'm still gona think a bit more before I order the componets so one never knows. Thanks for the tip.
  10. That X800XL is a great value for $300

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  11. I have an Abit-VP6 duel processor mother board that I'm just starting to put together. I currently only have one 1000mhz processor and still need a decent power supply.

    It should be fun to play with. I'll let everybody know how it turns out.

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  12. Your flight sim will perform better on a 3200 with the X800xl, than on a 3500 with the 6600gt.
    I know which one I would get.
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