hi all pal n gals.. :hello:
just got stuck here.. need a little advice...
i am making a secondary Terminal just for the usual and purely RTS gaming (best possible FPS at best possible quality) while range is minimal 2 choices here:

1)E5400 Dual core @ 2.7Ghz(800/2mb)
Bilton X4500 GPU :D


2)Pentium D @3.2 Ghz (800/2-4mb)
D945 (HP)
512mbx2 ddr2 @667
Branded 300Watts PSU :sol:

what is the better option.. not concern about future so much just need it to play C&C 3 Great with mods
Help would be highly appreciated
thanks in advance
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  1. You need to move the video card from system 2 to system 1 :-). Either system is bellow good specs for C&C 3, your first systems is OK, but way way low on video power. The second is marginal in video power, but is behind system 1 in CPU. And both can use at least another 1 gig of RAM. My recomentation is to use system 1, buy a new $80 video card (check Tom's front page for "Best Video Cards For the Money) and get 1 more gig of RAM.

    Otherwise, I'd use system 2, but add another 1gig of RAM. RTS with many units on the screen uses up the CPU and RAM pretty well.

    That x4500 is a built-in Intel correct? Will be useless for anything gaming. I think even Solitare will lag.
  2. lolz for the solitare budy... but no offence why are built in GPU's considered crap... i remember 2 years before when i had a system of E7400 paired with a foxconn dg31PR mobo.. i tested it's Builtin ability.. every major RTS was running at MEDIUM settings (low FPS offcourse) then later i replaced it with 9800GTX+ and it flewed.. but the point it that it was GMA 3100 but this is GMA X4500 which is 2x more powerfull.. so i personally think that it could eventually cut a little cake.. don't u think?...

    remember guys i can't modify just have to choose.. how ever xtra gig can be managed...
    any more suggestions are welcomed.....
  3. Almost all build-in video is not just "considered" crap, for gaming, they are. They are about 3-4-5 generations behind in speed, so I guess if you play a 5 or 6 year old game on the built-in video you may be OK.

    Check on the Tom's Charts for video cards and see where yours ranks.
  4. I wouldn't even touch the Pentium D; it isn't even supported by some games now...just throw an add-in card like the 4670 into the first system.
  5. hmm... letz c thanx 4 ur support guyz
  6. your system is fine enough. all those saying built in for c&c is crap should go get their info sorted out. its not some crappy gma3100 ***.

    Processor is fine. don't get any branded mobo. p5qpl-am is good. get e5400 or 55 or 56, oc it if you think you need too and good to go. and ofc 2gig ram should be there. either gaming or value.
  7. hey guyz just back here to clear some thingz up.. i just got the refurbished dell XPS 400 system equiped with P D 3.0Ghz(4M/800FSB) with 1 gig ram and Nvedia 6800GPU card.. this system literally shoots the roof off the C&C3 @ Very HIGH settings.. runs cool and quite too.. have a great cooling system....... i am upgrading the card to HD5670...
    in short: P D is not only NOT bad but i like it.. all those who disregard it should really experience it... i am saying this because i do have i7s and i do now about performance..
  8. I went from a Pentium D to a C2Q; no comparision, the C2Q kicks the Pentium D's behind.

    BTW, C&C3 isn't that demanding a game; but something more CPU limited, and the Pentium D will show its age.
  9. yea from a point it would show it's limits and Definitely no comparison with the latest multiple cores but it is not as bad as people associate it to be...
  10. The biggest issue with Pentium D is that is basically 2 P4s glued together. Very clumsy. AMD led Intel in dual core due this CPU at first before Intel got smart and used the Pentium Mobile architecture to build on to make the Core series. Pentium D is slower of the early dual cores, made lots of heat and uses lots of power. However, compared to a regular P4, it's better than nothing.
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