Asus? Gigabite? Biostar?

I just thought I'd take a stab here after lurking for awhile. I'm currently into desktop video - converting dozens of home videos, current videos etc. I've found out that my Athlon XP1900 isn't a bad cpu, but when it comes to encoding it isn't a speed demon either. I believe it has a 133mhz fsb, and I have 512mb 2700 DDR. I'm ready to upgrade, and would like opinions on cost effective board/chip combos. As I understand it, Intel chipsets 875 and E7505 tend to work well with video - any suggestions for boards/cpus? I want a decent system that offers real advantage over my ancient K7AMA board and AMD - thanks for any suggestions! I'll be running three drives currently and a Plextor dvd burner. I'm not a gamer either.
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  1. If it is for editing, then either AMD or Intel will do good. Choose a mobo with RAID support and get at least 1 gigs of RAM.. That will matter more than a CPU

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  2. I would select the Gigabyte board... Solid, stable, fast and feature rich...

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  3. If you want to go P4, I suggest a 3.2C (Northwood, 512k cache) and an Abit IS7. If you're considering RAID, a couple Seagate SATA drives would do. Also, you'll want some name-brand PC3200 with decent latencies, CAS 2.5 is good, CAS 2 is better.

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  4. Unless I misunderstand RAID, I'm not going to need that. I'm running three separate drives - one for system, one for data and a third dedicated to video.
  5. RAID will help while editing your video file as the data will be send faster to the editor, as when you edit your clip and want to move fast to a certain location. More RAM will help by having the computer to avoid using a swap file too often.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
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