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Video Studdering Issues, thoughts?


Not sure where I should post this but thought I'd ask in the gaming section.

Here is my problem, not a huge one but if it can be fixed, I'd like to. During the start up of Borderlands and during Fallout 3. The video will pause (for Borderlands during the 2k intro thing, and for Fallout during the little slideshow thing before the menu comes up). I'm not sure what is causing the problem, but the games seem to work fine. Thoughts?

Here's a little background of what's happened lately. I've updated my BIOS, because I just installed a Phenom X4 9950, additionally I was having problems with Borderlands after I updated my video card driver, then I rolled it back, which still didnt' resolve the problem. So I reinstalled Borderlands, and now it works minus the slight problem I mentioned.

Windows 7 32bit
Asus M2n-E motherboard
4gb ram
AMD X4 9950 (not overclocked yet)
ATI Radeon HD4850

Any input would be appreciated,

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    Hello Paul. Since your post, ATI have released new drivers. 10.7 is the latest one to date. If you don't have it then I'd recommend installing that. But first remove your old drivers before installing the new ones to avoid errors. I have both the games and i can say that I've never had those issues.

    I do have Windows 7 32bit and the games run fine so we know its not that. Your GPU fine to run them both and your RAM is more than enough. I think it's a software problem. I maybe wrong but have you tried re - installing the games? If you have and the problem persists consider looking to see if you have a program running that maybe causing the issue.

    If that still doesn't work then download 'Defraggler' (free) and defrag your game files not the whole hard drive. If you have the games on Steam then you can right click them and select properties and then Local files and then select Verify integrity of game cache and if that doesn't work then i don't really have anything else to suggest.

    Good luck.

  2. Hello, well the studdering hasn't happened again. I also had issues with Borderlands crashing, but updating my video card drivers (just two days ago a new driver was released) solved issues.

    Last night however my computer just restarted while I was playing Borderlands. What would most likely cause that problem?
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