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Hi. I have an NF7-S v2 motherboard. It has built-in 5.1 audio. I'm having trouble using the 'line in' jack on it. I have connected this directly to the "line out" on another audio source (CD Player), but yet I hear nothing. Shouldn't it go right through my computer and to the speakers?

What am I doing wrong?

Edit: I found the nForce sound settings, which are a great tool. Unfortunately, it seems all I can set it to do is read the line signal as digital and thus it sounds like crap. What can I do?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Decker87 on 03/15/05 01:27 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. 1) make sure under volume controls the line-in is not muted, and has some volume.
    2) make sure you've not set your system up to use Line-in as 'Rear speakers' or something. Can't remember if the NF7-S has dedicated jacks for these. Some boards only have 3 jacks - line out, mic, and line-in, and you have to use the software (or jumpers) that comes with the board to switch the mic/line-in between their defaults and rear-left/rear-right and centre/sub. If you have 5 analogue jacks on the back of the PC then this probably <i>isn't</i> your problem.

    3)make sure you've got all the drivers installed properly. (although since you have the nforce applet, sounds like you have done this)

    4)Why are you trying to connect a CD player to a PC anyway? Just rip the tracks into MP3 to save yourself the hassle in future! Get with the program, man.. :wink:

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  2. Well, the sound is going in, it's jsut coming out as if its trying to read the analog signal as digital. Also, in the nForce applet, it says "Digitized input". It doesn't make any sense why they would not assume that it is analog.

    Also, a CD player was just what I am testing, I have a device to use with my guitar and I need it to go through my PC so I can hear the guitar through my PC and play MP3's at the same time.
  3. Line In is often muted by defualt in the Windows sound bar, and often hidden as well. You have to unhide it under Options>Properties, then unmute it.

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  4. As I said, it's not muted. Sound comes out, it's just very distorted and bad sounding.
  5. Never heard of a digital microphone, but have heard of digital cd players.
  6. Hmm, that's just weird though, that Abit would do that. Obviously if its going to be a digital signal, they don't have to specify "Line in".
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