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How much performance would you lose if you installed a game on a secondary drive. I have a ssd and i was thinking of installing older games (like WOW) that are not as intensive on my F3 spinpoint since its huge (1TB) to save space on my ssd. I know the ssd will obvoiusly load WOW faster than the spinpoint but with the Cataclysm coming out it will take up 20gb. I can live with the spinpoint performance for WOW but will windows 7/intel quadcore have issues running a game thats not on the same harddrive as it?


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  1. As long as the game doens't rely on loading huge amounts of data you won't see much difference in performance. I play with my bro online and we have the same rig, apart from his drive is a raptor and he loads levels faster than me but once done no difference.
  2. you wont see a visible performance drop
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