Battle Field 2 BF2 - Won't work on new rig?

I just put together a new pc and loaded my old favorite BF2 and 1.5 patch. When I click on decktop icon the screen goes black for a moment and then back to the desktop.
I have Win 7 with Intel I7 980x. Has anyone with new multi core chips had problems or any other ideas?

Also I'm running 64 bit OS...sorry......almost forgot that......I have had it working on a 4 core amd machine with 64bit os before so I have no clue.....
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  1. Which card are you using??
  2. I have 2 5870's in crossfire.......i tried turning one off but nothing
  3. i love that your running bf2 with crossfire 5870's.

    The min system req. in 1999 couldn't dream of the system that ur throwin at it. jk. hope this helps.
  4. It is funny but I build my computers to last 3+ years with everything maxed out in games within reason.

    Has anyone out there played original BF2 with the I7 980 with success?
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    i have done it a bunch on windows 7. I recall their being something I had to change just can't remember what. These game specific problems are much easier solved with a simple google search.

    It probably doesnt have to do with your hardware...thats pretty top notch as u said. google windows 7 and bf2 conflicts or something.
  6. or running battlefield 2 in 64 bit...something like that
  7. How do you run bf2 in 64 bit mode?
  8. Ok ..... I downloaded and ran patch 1.4 and then 1.5 again over it and it worked...... woohooo....

    now i get to deal with punkbuster.... if i remember i just have to download specific file from web site and copy it in right directory
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  10. ahh yeah you gotta download pbsetup from punkbusters main website. Manual install is only required for newer setups. I think its either win7 or 64 bit or both making the difference there. Have fun playin...I cant wait till bf3 comes out. All other FPS games will burn like dogs whence this holy day cometh.
  11. LOLOL .... I agree. Its still my favorite. I still have friends who play so we get crazy. I like BF Bad Company2 but its not the same........I've heard a little about BF3 but not much. I heard 2011 summ/holiday season.
  12. ill tell you all about bf3. It wont involve running directly at each other with tons of ridiculous guns and armor to slaughter each other in a game of statistics....ahh nay, it will be a game of strategy like battlefield 2.

    basically bfbc2 was meant to compete with call of duty's fast paced bullshit which noobs love, because strategy is "gey and boring".

    When you can squad up, communicate and make a plan happen across a gigantic map, possibly while coordinating with other squads...THATS battlefield. *crosses another day off the calender*
  13. Have you heard of a possible release date? The friends I play with are both veterans including myself and we have a blast. When we get together linked up with comm...... that is what its all about. Communication, map size and assets available take me out of arcade mode and make me put on the old thinking cap. If our opponents play a certain style, we adapt. Not to mention the ranking system rocked in my opinion. Much more hard corp I think.
  14. you are so awesome. Isn't it ridiculous how no other fps comes close to the amount of awesome involved in bf2? I wish more people had our taste in games....then developers wouldn't crank out suck all year long.

    no exact release date is set for bf3, but i sense a march-may release is possible. I'm just crossing out days on the calender to keep me distracted, not bc im working towards a specific day lol.
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