A8N-SLI Deluxe won't Boot

My system setup is:
AMD 64 3200+
A8N-SLI Deluxe
Corsair 1GB (2X512mb) XMS memory
Gigabyte 6600GT Pci-e
Hitachi 160gb sata
Creative Sound Blaster Live
Pioneer 16X Dvd-r drive.
Enermax 535W Sli ready

Hey i just bought all these new parts from zipzoomfly (not including the sound card) and I set up the system and had it working fine. I installed windows and i experienced really bad opening sound. Once i was in windows i was trying to set up drivers with the asus cd and then all of a sudden windows shut down and then the computer shut down and now it won't boot. I've tried all combinations even with just a video card n memory and even without them... I get no beeps either. It just starts and all fans run but the computer will not boot/Post... any ideas?? thanks
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  1. Read the FAQ at the top of this section. There is a lot of troubleshooting you can try by yourself.

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  2. Look at your sli chip, the one that allows you to choose between 1 and 2 cards. That is probably the problem. It says in the manual that it's set to one card...but everyone i've talked to has said it's been set to two. To fix it, you need only eject it and switch it around so that the other side is in the slot.

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