A7N8X stutters in games

Help!! When I'm playing graphics intensive games (HL2, BIA) my computer stutters every 30 seconds or so, the game locks and the sound stutters for 10 seconds or so. I recently installed new 1gb of ram, but it would do this before, but now its worse! It did it even when showing the credits at the end of HL2. My computer also clicks when it does this. Any ideas? I thought it may be overheating.
A7N8X 2600xp
ATI Radeon 9800 pro 128mb
SB Audigy
1gb Corsair PC3200 2.5 latency
FSB @ 166 and memory @ 200

Help.. this sucks!
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  1. Heat .. yes but could also be some other software your running. Why don't you look at the processes running on youre computer in the Windows task Manager (Alt-Ctrl-Del) or find some other process monitoring tools.

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  2. Set FSB amd Memory Clock in sync.
  3. I tried setting the FSB and memory in sync, but the memory will only go to 200 and doesn't the FSB have to stay at 166 to get full performance from my CPU?
  4. Hi,

    You seem somewhat confused. Can you go into your BIOS and tell what your FSB/DRAM ratio is? "AUTO" would be good. That will give u the most stable settings.

    Overclocking your memory without synchronizing you CPU brings very little benefit.

    Maybe you were overclocking your CPU? This little utility will tell u what kind of CPU you have:
    <A HREF="http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php" target="_new">http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php</A>

    I'm sure we'd be interested in knowing.

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  5. Overhead resynchronization penalty associated with running async (e.g. 166/200 MHz) with this system.
  6. If you want them in sync, the board should support a 1:1 ratio of CPU at 166 and RAM at 166. Both of these busses are DDR (333 data rate for 166 clock rate).

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  7. Would ask/search for stutter in THG Graphics Card Forum or <A HREF="http://rage3d.com/board/index.php?" target="_new">Rage3D</A>.
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