Steam just finished an update but now the program won't start up

It is October 20 and steam just finished updating their program, but now my computer wont let it start up, for example when i try to start it up, it just does nothing, when i check the process, it says that it's up and running but not on screen, i have reinstalled it right after it happened, nothing changed.

Don't if it was just made like that for a few hours but i have no news about it.
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  1. Quote:
    It is October 20

    Huh??? :O

    Anyways, try these:

    1. Start up task manager and go to processes. If Steam is running there (but not showing up on the desktop), kill the process. Give it a minute, then try it again.

    2. Go to task manager and processes. Go to explorer.exe and hit 'end process'. Then go to the 'File' tab and hit 'run'. Type in 'explorer.exe' (without codes, obviosuly.) Then try and start Steam again. Basically, you would be restarting windows explorer.
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