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I have been trying to host on Warcraft 3. In February, I uninstalled Warcraft 3 while being able to host. I have gotten a new computer and installed Warcraft 3 again since then and I can no longer host :( . I am using the same router and I have the same internet. I tried following the port forward guide again. This did not fix my hosting. I then tried enabling DMZplus mode and disabling my Windows firewall but that didn't work. Is there anything else I can try or am I doing something wrong ? Please help.
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  1. this is going to be a long shot since i've never heard of anyone else that has done this, when I used to play wc3 I could never host until i did this (in windows xp)

    right click your local area connection
    click properties
    You'll see Internet Protocol Version 4: click properties and manually enter in local ip so it doesn't change
    back to network connections folder there should be an Internet connection icon, if there isn't google how to make it show with what operating system you have
    right click that and hit properties
    advanced tab
    hit add port and put in name and port (default for wc3 is 6112) make both TCP and UDP
    in the name or ip of the computer hosting service: put in your local ip, although might work
    repeat with warcraft recommended ports if this doesn't work (but keep 6112 or whatever port you used as well)

    also keep the port forward settings on the router

    again i've never heard of anyone else doing this but it did work for me back when I still played and hosted games, this should work for windows xp and vista but I can't find how to make internet connection icon show in windows 7 so i cant confirm that for you
  2. Thanks for the reply. It didn't work. This is just unnecessarily difficult.
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