Installed new RAM and now crap!

I just upgraded from 2 x 256mb pc2100 to 2 x 512mb pc3200 on my asus A7N8X and now I my PC will kinda make a click and then the computer stutters. It was originally only doing it in games, but now just in web browsing, etc. It sounds like the click may be coming from the CPU fan. Any ideas?
ASUS A7N8X 2500xp
2 x 512mb Corsair pc3200 2.5 latency
ATI Radeon 9800 pro 128mb
SB Audigy
40gb WD 7200 ATA/100
120gb WD 7200 ATA /133

P.S. I posted this yesterday under a different name (I'm at work now and don't have access to my password for that screen name)

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  1. Is the board POSTing - where does it get in the boot process? Are you getting any beeps? Are any of the fans (PSU, HSF, NB) spinning up? Try reseating the memory and see what happens. If nothing, then try with only one stick installed. If it works with one stick, then try the other one.

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  2. Everything posts and boots fine, all the fans are running, it will start kinda pausing/stuttering when i run a game or it will start doing it after the comp has been running for a while when internet surfing, etc. The clicking sounds like it may be coming from the cpu fan.
  3. First of all what is the name of the other thread? You can still post in it under a different user name - just let everyone know who you are. I'll repost this if it hasn't already been covered in the other thread...
    What CPU? What are your system/CPU temps? How old is the HSF and which one is it? Have you run <A HREF="" target="_new">Memtest86+</A> or <A HREF="" target="_new">SiSoft Sandra</A> to test your memory?

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  4. Hmmmmmm, the clicking sound will prolly be summik to do with the hard drive...if it is this could be very bad.
  5. In other words time to back up your critical data :smile:

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