asus A8V Deluxe with double sided RAM.

I'm thinking of getting an Athlon64 fx-53 on a Asus A8V Deluxe (read too many compatability issues with the A8N-SLI, and i need to run design software without crashes more than i need to play games 75% faster)and read a little bit about the newer RAM out.. I recall a snippet about DDR400 being a good solution and was thinking kingston, cause i've used it before.. I want about 2 gig - Am i on the right track with the speed of the RAM for the board?

Basically im doing my yearly Tom's Hardware research for new gear and once again everything i knew doesn't apply and im a hardware noob again lol - SLI is back?!!? etc etc :)

Just trying to set up a kickass system, but not ultra highend gaming (as much as it would be awesome to have dual 6800 Ultra's), just a good athlon graphics machine, and going to try and run protools on it which is a touch and go situation with the compatability:
the mbox doesn't seem to have any reported problems with A64's but it makes me want to steer clear of the SLI with it's higher "issue" rate.

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  1. "Supports Unbuffered DDR memory: PC3200, PC 2700, PC 2100, or PC1600"

    PC3200 ram runs at 400mhz bus speed. So, Yes... that ram you're looking at will be the ideal speed for this processor. I've seen mention of a Socket940 version of this processor. Make sure you get a Socket939 or it wont fit on that motherboard.
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