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Hi I have a p6228p HP Quad Core Amd with 8gigs of ram with a geforce 9100. My OP is windows 7 64 bit. I have a problem while gaming, my fps drops from 60 to 5-8 fps for 3 minutes or so then goes back up. Whats going on? Task manager usually states the game is taking up 20% processing and 22% physical memory. I play league of legends on low quality and I also play WoW at ultra no matter what it happens and nothing can be lessened
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  1. i think it is because of the load on gpu.i have desktop and i have the same problem in burnout paradise the ultimate box.
  2. Maybe some progs are interfering , maybe ur AV, + make sure you have latest graphics drivers
  3. i had that same problem with my laptop and i figured what it was

    it was my cpu cuz my laptop fell on a glass table and then i got that problem 60 fps then 5-9 fps for like 2 - 3 minutes so u should get youre cpu and all hardware checked out

    hope that helps

    best of luck budy :D
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