DFI and the Zalman 7700

Does anyone know if the Zalman 7700Cu will fit in the DFI nF4 SLI-DR?
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  1. It depends on the height on your RAM. So you can just forget Corsair xms xpert :wink: . Of course you could get around this by putting your memory in slots 1 & 3 instead of 2 & 4, but this is not optimal for overclocking according to DFI ( and y else would you get that board?).

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  2. Well my other options are the Asus SLI and the Neo4 MSI but I thinking of overclocking the processor a little bit in bios and using maybe a 3500 - 4000+ (I want an FX55)

    Will the 7700 fit in either of those with a little room to wiggle?
  3. Quote:
    Does anyone know if the Zalman 7700Cu will fit in the DFI nF4 SLI-DR?

    Aw, come on. The charm of the gargantuan Zalman is irresistible :smile: ! Just realised they list compatible mainboards on their website:

    <A HREF="http://www.zalman.co.kr/product/cooler/7700-754-939-940MBlist_eng.htm" target="_new">link</A>

    so as long as you don't have their ZM80#-HP VGA cooler (for your graphics card) installed, you should be fine.

    And also, from Zalman's homepage:
    * Note : No motherboard components with a height greater than 39mm (1.53inch), as well as the PSU, disk drives, VGA card, and RAM should be present within a 68mm (2.68 inch)radius from the center of the CPU.

    So again, no xpert memory (about 2.5 inches high i think), but any regular module is probably ok. Hell, just order it and test if it fits. All evidence point to yes, and if it doesn't just send it back...

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  4. Why would I go with an Al heatsink and not a copper? Both support 120mm fans but the Zalman is copper and it comes with a nice fan on it for cheaper then the ThermalRight. And for the DFI board... Is it hard to overclock? Ive never overclocked my processor before but I want to tweak at 3500+ or a 4000+ whichever I decide to buy...
  5. maybe back that up with some kind of link to these reports? As far as I can see, the XP-120 is just a big chunk of metal. Doesn't even have a good fin structure? Since it's wildly popular I'm sure you have a point, but in my opinion the Zalman seems more reliable and definitely better looking.

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  6. I have the xp120 on my dfi board and basically, if you aren't overclocking, you don't even need the fan on. My CPU is currently at 34C and the fan isn't on.

    As for space, well forget about any ram with those LEDs on them. It's a very tight fit and I simply couldn't install the xp120 with the memory in place so you have to squeeze it in afterwards.

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