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anybody used the beta version of the ie 6 just like to know if ther is any big problems becuase i'm down loading it right now
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  1. hehehehe, that is so funny, i am usually looking around the bathroom if there is a paper and then doing my stuff, in your case, you are doing your stuff and now start looking for the paper, hehehehe, hehehehe...
    let me know the resolts... hehehehe

    "akuna mutata" braza... :wink:
  2. from what i hear it is pretty goood. fairly stable and has much better w3 x/html/xml/css2 ext. support. i'm glad to see that. cnet have their usualy semi-biased review at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    have fun
  3. how did it go?... hehehehe

    "akuna mutata" braza... :wink:
  4. i work fine i've only had one error that cause it close done bu it started right up after that happened and the problem hasn't happened agian so far

    one thing i can say is that it has some new features taht are nice
  5. what are these new features that are so nice?
  6. it make the side bar thing actually use ful to have it also make saveing atuff easier. it also allow you to alot more easly transfer stuff into a mail acount to send to somebody

    there some more but i'm not quite sure wat they do yet. I'm still feeling my way around it
  7. The only problem I've encountered is that some of my e-mail does not show the subject in the inbox. There doesn't seem to be any logic for the messages that show the subject and the ones that don't. Any ideas?? Anyone??
  8. I would think it's a bug :) Don't worry too much, I'm sure it will be sorted in time for release, although with MS, you never can tell... :)

    ~ I'm not AMD biased, I just think their chips are better. ~
  9. if you haven't installed,don't!-no history button,no refresh button,no leapfrog on 'back button',left is abig space waste.also if you use msn as isp,you lose outlook express mail.takes 3 clicks to get online 3 to get off.i hate it so bad that i changed isp
  10. oh good lord not 3 clicks! what is that the seas are rising? the animals gathering in pairs... and no outlook express shoot i have always love viruses spread by that program too... i guess i'll have to install the viruses myself.
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