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Astro a30 headset has static

Hi, I have the astro a30's and the mixamp. But the voice chat is always drowned out because game sound is always to loud, even when the knob is turned towards the voice area. I know this is a relatively common problem and I was wondering if there was an easy fix so I don't have to send these headsets back. Thanks!
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    The A30s arnt too good anway. You should have invested in the A40s or Turtle beach. I dont like the mix amps for the Astros because its just a single volume knob, thats why Wired Turtle beach wins hands down... By price and quality. I have x1s and X11s. They are amazing and I use them For Halo 3....reach... Also, just make sure everything is connected perfectly and try another controller if you have one
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