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Hello, is it possible to make a mirror copy of a disk over a WAN network using broadband internet?
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  1. Wow... Not that I know of (but I don't have a ton of experience in that sort of thing). Do you have enough free space on either a local partition or external drive to save a disk image to and then send the image to the remote machine, e.g., as an email attachment?
  2. You can make a boot disk with a live OS such as Linux that can be run off a CD. Copy a disk imaging software on that CD along with the OS, or use a USB flash drive to run it off that bootable OS.
    You can then boot off the CD, connect to the remote computer as a network drive, FTP drive, whatever you setup for it.
    Start the imaging software and for the location to save the file pick the remote computer.

    In a corporate setting it's possible to setup an imaging server using Ghost or a similar program that will allow you to pull an image down to a PC from pretty much anywere where you can connect to that server either on the same network or through VPN.
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