Fallout 3 crashes on starting a game?

Hello, I've had Fallout 3 for quite a while, and it never gave me a problem. So I tried to play it, and when I loaded my game it just crashed. So I tried to load a new game, still crashed. I figured it was my mods, so I reinstalled it and deleted the directory. Still crashed. I haven't changed any hardware since I last played it... this is very strange.

I have an ATI HD 5870 1GB with the latest drivers
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  1. these game specific problems are more easily fixed by starting a thread on the fallout 3 support forums...I'm sure they exist.

    install any new vid card drivers lately? Try rollin em back. I actually had this nvidia driver that overheated and blew up my card...kinda random but yea...sometimes they f things up.

    additional side note. Fallout 3 is a not so great game. Get bfbc2 or just cause 2 when ya get bored of the slow motion camera shooting ur gun for ya. winwinwinwinwin
  2. and those god damn green ogres that look like they belong in warcraft
  3. fallout 3 is a great game, and i dont use the slow motion thing its gay, but you dont HAVE to use it...but anyway, if you have tried uninstalling/reinstalling and your SURE you havn't installed anything new (even windows updates, drivers), maybe run chkdsk on your hard drive and scan for bad sectors and test your memory with memtest 86+.
  4. haha ok its not that terrible...but i wouldnt touch it with a 12" pole.

    The things you mentioned checking would both cause his computer to have many more conflicts than just fallout related.
  5. Why would you recommend BFBC2 for someone who plays FO3? The only similarity between the two games is that you shoot a gun. BFBC2 is a FPS with a linear RPG element to it. FO3 is, at its heart, a RPG. As far as RPG games go, I would say it is one of the best. The main quest line may leave a little to be desired, but with “Broken Steel” expansion, it goes well beyond what most RPGs hope to offer. Comparing them would be like comparing Zelda N64 (RPG with auto aim/aim assist) to GoldenEye (FPS with RPG element).

    As for the actual topic, google your problem and you are sure to find some answers. There are downloads that can help with stability. When I played, I would get freezes/crashes constantly. I simply went to windowed mode and it reduced my crashes by 95%.

    If you don't have any problems outside of FO3, it's probably something to do with the game itself or possibly GPU driver issues. FO3 is super unstable and Beth really dropped the ball fixing their problems.
  6. yes they are called first person shooters and sure FO3 is labeled as an RPG, but there is no more role playing or customization in the game than their is in bfbc2 or just cause 2.

    yeah i remember playing through the main quest and easily getting bored of killing random slavers or playing a random side quest that basically got you nowhere.

    If your into the whole post apocalyptic cliche thou then this game is great. Plenty of barren wasteland to explore and robots that for some reason look like they were made in the 1950's.
  7. No more role-playing or character customization in FO3 than in bfbc2? You must not have played either game if you think that is the case.
    - FO3 storyline is non-linear, ie you don't have to go in any particular order and decisions in one part effect what happens in a later part, bfbc2 does not. You play level 1 > 2 > 3 > 4, etc…
    - FO3 has moral decisions throughout the game, which impact how the game plays out, bf does not.
    - FO3 has an open environment that allows for exploration, bfbc2 does not.
    - FO3 allows for you to choose how your character progress with regards to strengths and weaknesses, bf does not. The only thing close to this in bfbc2 is the online class progression, which is strictly linear.
    - FO3 allows you to choose what your character looks like, which has become a staple of RPG games. Granted it’s limited, it’s still more than bf does.
    Not to be rude, but you really have no concept of what an RPG or FPS is if you think FO3 and BFBC2 are even comparable games. It’s apples to oranges.

    Another analogy would be to compare Oblivion to Call of Duty: MW... it just does not work.
  8. there there friend, lets not flame over nonsense on this man's thread. Follow me back to the WoW forum if you please.

    yaya nonlinear linear whoootever. No, im not particularly fond of any of these games I simply enjoy bfbc2 much more than fallout. Initially referring this guy to a completely different game than the one hes trying to fix is a joke at least. At no point did I even say the games were of the same genre...just that he should get a different one. Obviously if he wants to play it hes going to...so its ridiculous to take it serious that he would just dump the game and get another before even trying it.

    naow quit bickering over details and just calm the f down. the only thing you did on this forum is repeat what i already said.
  9. When you refer someone to a substitute product, it normally implies that they are comparable and fulfill the same purpose. You wouldn't refer someone looking to get a new Chevy Truck to go get a Jet Ski and try and justify it by saying "Chevy is bad and Jet Skis are more fun anyway." As I said, I wasn't trying to be rude with my statement. I'm sorry you took it that way.

    Though I know that most Toms readers are a little more informed on current games, I was simply trying to save a guy the disappointment of getting a new game and expecting it to be comparable to FO3, only to find it's completely different in almost every aspect except one (they both have guns).

    Also, I don't play WoW, so it will be quite difficult for me to follow you to the WoW forums.
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