STALKER Call of pripyat benchmark

Windows 7
3 gigs of ram
gts 250 512mb ( Can you run it says 1.7 gigs, why )
Intel core 2 duo 8400 3.0 ( can you run it says its rated at 5.4?, why )

Know i downloaded the benchmark and i can play it with my system. I can play it but maybe its just the benchmark, the problem is i select the settings i want.

Preset Extreme

Rendere fully dynamic lighting

Video mode 1280x720 ( native 1366x786, i prefer 1280x720 though. I can't really tell a difference in size. )

MSSA Anti Aliaisng and all of that are off/I don't believe in that stuff.


DAY 80fps

NIGHT 87fps

RAIN 98fps

Sun shafts 83Fps

While im doing the bench mark it will be cruising, then it will suddenly skip in a way then it will pick back up. Doom 3 time demo does this to me to, but it doesn't show up in game. Will stalker's skip thing show up in game also?
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  1. any body know why it skips in the benchmark?
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