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I'm thinking of either getting a Razer Goliathus speed or control edition but I don't know if it's actually worth it... right now I'm using this cheapo mouse pad that works reasonably well and almost frictionless imo.

So can somewhere share their experiences with gaming mouse pads and tell me if there's any actual difference while gaming?

Also I'm thinking of getting a Razer DeathAdder, does this have any difference compared to an 800dpi Logitech office mouse that's around 3 years old?

Thank you in advance
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  1. I am using the RAZER Vespula along with my sidewinder x5. The X5 comes with weights and diffrent pads, with the right pad and weight settings you can have a really fast setup, a "sticky" setup for precision or somewhere in between, helped me out alot with sniping and games that require moving the mouse back and forth alot.
  2. so they really do help a lot?
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    A good mouse and pad will go a long way to making you more accurate, and fast along with that. Would suggest picking a middle of the road mouse and pad though. As you not used one befroe the jump up will give you the same satisfaction as going for a really expensive one.

    The DeathAdder is nice (that is my favourite). Razer Goliathus pad will do you nicely too. When going for pads, as big as you can fit on your desk is the key! :-D

    Personally i have not made the price leap to weight adjustable mice yet. I am not sure of the improvement leap when tbh it is more my skill that lets me down!
  4. Cool, thanks for your advice. I didn't really think about getting a large mouse pad that fits my desk thanks :)
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