GTA IV - Ran out of Video Memory

My computer statistics are -
2.9 Ghz Core 2 Duo
1 GB ATI 4350
320 GB HDD

When I play GTA IV , I get a 25-30 FPS with GTA IV on Medium settings, but when I crank it up on High, even though the video memory meter at the bottom says that I am only using 750 out of my 1021 MB, my game still crashes with the following message, "Ran out of Video Memory.Please reboot your system."
This never happens with other games like COD 4 , and COD MW2,as well as Fallout 3, even though I run them on high settings, so why is it happening like this on GTA IV?
My settings are -
Textures - Very High
Rendering - High
Draw Distance - 70
Resolution - 1024x768
I manage to squeeze out about 17 - 18 FPS with these settings.
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  1. Hey you should not run gta 4 on these high settings , i know this game is about 2 year old but still is very heavy for graphic cards .Just play on the medium settings itself as you are getting nice fps in it.
  2. GTA 4 is not a very well configured game, try to lower your settings, dont force your gpu.
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