CPU temperature on AV8 mobo

Hi guys,
I just installed athlon64 3500+ on Abit AV8 with XP-90.
At first boot, my mobo read temperature arround 50C or 120F
After some work, uguru software read 51-52C and when I touch the heatsink, it was not hot at all.
IS it possible that my mobo sensor does not work properly?
How to check CPU temperature correctly?
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  1. Your heatsink should be at least a little hot. If not, then you have it wrongly mo
    unted. Did you remove the plastic cover that protect the base of your heatsink and the thermal compound????

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  2. That board is known to missread cpu temps. The best test for heat is crashing. If you can run folding@home for 3 days without crashing, your temps are fine.
    This may be a shameless attempt to get you to join our F@H team, but it will tell you if your system is overheating. (Of course running prime95 would do the same thing, but then you wouldn't be helping save humanity at the same time)
  3. Well, I believe heatsink is properly installed using arctic 3 thermal grease.
    Today I run computer for downloading overnight and temperature around 50C without any sign of overheating.
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