Weird, random issue with gaming laptop

Hey ppl!

So i bought a laptop for university that is basically a school and hardcore gaming hybrid. Its a Lenovo y560.

My basic specs are:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Intel core i5 CPU
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 GPU
4 gb of RAM
Direct X 11

Overall it is pretty awesome and plays pretty much anything i throw at it maxed out even if they are demanding like Napoleon Total War. It even plays Crysis :D Anyways aside from that i use a program called CPUID to monitor tempuratures while gaming to make sure its safe, i also use a laptop cooler. I play crysis on it at a resolution of 800x600 on all very high settings except for shadows on medium. I get an average fps in the mid 30s throughout the game which is great for me. The laptop handles it just fine and CPUID says the temps are fine too. More than 20 degrees below the tj max.

However something really odd happened, and it only happened once. My friend was playing and he was going through the last level of the game when everything on the laptop locked up and an annoying buzzing sound eminated through the speakers. It was really weird and required a hard reboot. To be sure it wasn't overheating i played through the whole game the next day on the same gaphics settings and no problems at all. CPUID said the tempuratures were fine and typical of crysis, nothing too hot or dangerous.

So i dunno what happened when my friend was playing :??:

What do you think caused it and how can i prevent it from happening again. Perhaps some kind of random system glitch? It wasn't overheating so i dunno what caused that. Its been a couple days since then and ive been playing crysis as issues at all. So like i idea what happened there lol. Maybe it didn't like my friend... :ange:

But yeah any idea what happened?
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  1. the last level is very buggy and a lot of people have issues with it.

    nothing really to worry about (unless you see it happen elsewhere...)
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