How to get GTA IV key again?

Well i live in Mexico it was really hard to find someone selling GTA IV, i had to order it from some mexican website that works like eBay, the thing is that i got the guide book, both CDs and the box, I installed it like 4 months ago or so but i formatted my PC. I couldnt play GTA IV because my graphic card is too slow for GTA, but i wanted to install it again and i couldnt find the "Manual guide" I got everything else but i lost the map and the manual book with the code, i got a rockstar social club account already and windows live games because i played GTA IV online before for few hours, is there any way to get my code from that book without ordering another GTA IV? >_<
I can provide rockstargames any information like the number of the CD or Box i dont know, is there any way?

Edit: Im asking if theres any way to get my key BACK, im not asking people to give me a key.
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  1. the best way to figure this out is to contact rockstar directly
  2. I sent em 2 mails already and i dont have a single reply yet :/
  3. when did you send the emails? also try calling
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