noob with 1st m/b meltdown

Installed a new logitec lx700 keyboard/mouse for my business system and I think the m/b fried! Everything went black, no error messages, no fans, no pops, buzzes or even a blue screen of death, nothing. Unhooked everything and tried a new outlet, nothing. Pulled everything from the board. Nothing. IBP Tech guy had me jumper the atx cable (green to black) ps started up. &%$#@*&^%!!!

my System
amd 754 3400
gigabyte ga-k8ns pro
antec true power 420
ati 9800 pro
2X512 3200
xp home sp2
2x160wd sata raid 1
liteon combo
nec dvd r/w

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  1. Please tell me you didn't use a front usb port to connect to.
  2. IBP is sending me a new m/b cpu. Just last week I purchased a new system that I'm holding for my parents.

    amd 939 3000
    foxconn nforce4 board no raid

    Can I just install one or both of my drives as boot drive(s) for this systm and just pick up where I left off? Then when my new M/B cpu comes in can I tranfer the HDDs back? I know this is kinda addressed in the FAQ's but with the raid setup will this work? Especially if I only use one drive in the temp system.
  3. Well yes and no. I had installed the new inputs at ps/2 ports and while the new mouse was charging I was using a front usb port with my old mouse.
  4. They should rename USB Uncontroled Static Blast. I suspect that the usb mouse sent a static discharge into your chipset. Rear backplate mounted usb is safer.
  5. I had been using the front usb mouse for appr 10 mins, (to complete the installation of the hardware) the actual problem happen when I was testing the new mouse for the first time (1sec.) Is there a problem having two pointing devices?
  6. Have you already loaded xp on your raid?
    Staying with a chipset family, you can generally change mobos. Worst case scenario, is a repair install. However, you will have to reload when you want your raid.
  7. Sorry just realised that I had Raid 0 in my first post I'm actually mirroring these drives.
  8. So you will loose the raid1. Other than that, you should be good.
  9. What I'm not sure about is that the temp system doesn't have a raid option. so if I install one of my existing drives there and change the data on one drive, will I be able to go back to raid 1 when the replacements arrive?
  10. Sorry for the nood question. I think I just found the answer. Since I'm useing raid 1 I can change the data on the 939 temp sys and when the new parts show up I can switch back to the 754 sys and re-bios for raid and they will compare and update to the most recent data. Right?
  11. That is my understanding. It should be just like replacing a drive. I've never done it that way, so it may need to overwrite the "new" drive.
  12. Would it be easier to
    A) remove the 939 temp sys's present boot drive(Disconnect)and directly boot to the "new" drive and use the xp restore or

    B)change the boot drive in the device manager?

    Thanks for your help!
  13. Didn't realize that the USB ports were that bad about static discharges. Is there any way to minimize the risk when using them?

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  14. Ground yourself...before computing. Use static (anti) mats. I avoid cloth chairs like the plague.

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  15. So the issue isn't necessarily the USB ports, but Static discharges from the user to the PC? That makes sense...

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  16. No front USB ports for me. I could just see someone taking your advice - tongue stuck in the port and getting the sh1t shocked out of themselves.

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  17. That was a cool little tingle. :lol:

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  18. LOL. Whatever it takes to get past the exam all-nighters!

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  19. Ok, new tack. Since this is my business comp. I need the info/programs to pay for food/rent/... As I said I have a new computer at my disposal. I tried to just install the hd in the new computer and do a xp restore. This doesn't seem to be working (possably because of the signifiacnt hardware differences) after restoring I get to the windows screen for maybe 2 cycles of the loading bar and it starts the boot sequence over and over. Tried to load in safe mode same thing. Any suggestions?
  20. Boot to your xp cd. Go through the install process until you get an option to repair.
    Do you have a different video card? I've changed mobos with nforce chipsets from 1 to 2 or 3, and the same with via mobos.
    Of course, it could just be that the foxconn board is a pos.
  21. I've tried the xp repair opt., no luck there. I don't have another video card for the foxconn since it is a nforce4 board with the pci-e type card. I do have a couple of available AGP cards, not that they would help.

    I've pretty much resigned to using my wifes 2.6 ghz p4 (gb 850, 478 pin)'til the new mb/cpu arrive. It's actually an older 1.3 (423 pin)ghz stepped up with a power leap adapter. It's slower but OK. The thing is, it doesn't have a SATA port so that I could install the old HDD that has my work files for a slave. I'll have to move stuff over as I need via CD from the foxconn.

    BTW, the new mouse isn't working right either. Keyboard, fine. POS mouse that fried my board, not so good. Still trouble shooting.
  22. Sometimes I feel like I'm just talking to myself.
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