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Oblivion mods

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August 24, 2010 7:36:19 PM

ive never modded anything before, in fact this is the first real pc game ive played. i switched from the 360 to the pc for oblivion because i wanted to add expansions and armour mods and such. i downloaded an armour mod for shadowmere and a castle expansion. how do i install them into my game now/ do i need to buy a program like winzip or something??

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August 24, 2010 7:56:05 PM

you will most likelly want to download the trial of winrar for unzipping, and the OBMM program (Oblivion mod manager) for stress free modding of the game, the tesnexus site is one of the best around for downloading oblivion mods. you're going to need to look for a tutorial on how to use OBMM, but its very very easy once you get the hang of it and prevents mods conflicting with each other, and makes htem easy to install and uninstall etc etc.
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August 24, 2010 9:34:41 PM

jefe323 said:
read this:

it's also a good site to find mods (including mine...)

Well done on digging up a link for the OP, I was just trying to point them in the right direction in a hurry as I had other stuff demanding immediate attention...

Out of interest which mod did you make?

Im running tons at the moment...

Some of the highly recommended ones as far as Im concerned are

quarls texture pack
HGEC body replacer (for graphical improvements rather than for smut...) And a load of related mods to replace thestock clothes to suit said body.
Im using a dawn and dark thuinder mod for the SI guards (major improvements)
a golden elf armour \ weapons mod etc etc
downloaded so many other added clothing mods etc that just blow the originals out of the water. The pc version of oblivion in stock form looks way better than console, but mods can take it to a different level entirely...

Gameplay wise Ive got these :-
akatosh dragon mount
bag of holding

Ive just added but not explored much a elsewyr expansion mod. Totally awesome from a quick fly through on akatosh...

I really think bethesda missed a trick by ending DLC so early when they could have expanded the game world so much and kept people paying for years... I bought the game as soon as I got the 8800gtx at their release, I STILL play and mod the game tons now. So many ways to play that game...
August 24, 2010 9:35:48 PM

just search jefe323 at that site, i think i have 6 or 7 mods (the biggest/best being Adaman Fortress)
August 24, 2010 9:45:51 PM

jefe323 said:
just search jefe323 at that site, i think i have 6 or 7 mods (the biggest/best being Adaman Fortress)

Might give the fortress one a go sometime, certainly had plenty of hits...
August 24, 2010 10:00:54 PM

yeah, i won $125 for that