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Tyan s2895 not working

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April 10, 2005 9:15:38 AM

the Tyan Thunder K8WE is not powering on. I use dual 246 opteron with Corsair CM72SD512RLP-3200 ram. The PSU is Antec Truepower 550 EPS 12V SSI. The display card is a sparkle PCX 5750 @128. I tried everything from using only one processor and using only one ram dimm also swapping between processor and ram. There is no responce in the mobo or does the PSU fans is switching on. I also checked the PSU (by connecting the green and black wire)and its working fine. I use only the 24 and 8 pin connector not the 6 pin workstation connector. i tried resetting the biosand also switched it on using the built in power switch.also checked for any short circuit of the mobo with the case. I also tried powering without the ram without the display card. What should i do now? is anything im missing or the mobo is faulty?The mobo seems not to respond at all.One little thing im getting some kinda output in the PS/2 port as my wireless transmitter for the keyboard and mouse is lighting up by just switchin the main power on.Pls help!!!!

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April 10, 2005 4:27:37 PM

It looks gud.... i dont find any visible burnt coils or leaking caps....
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April 10, 2005 6:29:20 PM

Are you absolutely certain there are no spare standoffs under the board?

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April 10, 2005 7:10:35 PM

I've been hearing a lot about these boards being a bit on the crappy side. Perhaps you should RMA it.

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April 11, 2005 4:38:12 AM

crashman the board looks absolutely good..... i think once the board starts to work it will be awesome but to make it work....i dont know.... but do anyone find my PSU specification incompatible with the mobo?