Need help with mounting pc game to cd

I am trying to mount a pc game to cd, first what type of cd should i be using? What is the best program for it?

I am running windows vista 32 bit. I have been using CD-ROM'S to burn the information onto the CD. I have been using Alcohol 120% and DAEMON TOOLS PRO AGENT. Its not working. The information is copied on the disk when i put it in it boots up but says its the wrong disk? Should i try changing my disk or maybe some settings in the program? I have tried burning multiple cds and still no luck can someone help me?
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  1. Is this a legal copy?
  2. Yeah. its age of empires 3 my original disk is scratched and it wont work I've tried cleaning it and still no luck.
  3. It's problem with the disk itself man ...try to get an fresh copy of it ....that's all you can do.
  4. anyone have any other ideas
  5. buying another is the best option.
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