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Is it just me that thinks black ops is just going to be the same as all cod games since cod 4. Don't get me wrong they are good games but they have got boring now because they are just the same game just sold with a few new things added in. And with the price increase it adds another reason not to buy it.
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  1. Yes. Activision killed it. I'm going to trade in my cod mw2, Can't even play on pc without a hacker in your game, Seen hackers on xbox live also yet who wants to listen to the 5 year olds yelling in the mic all day? :sleep: cod is a dead fish
  2. At least there Collectors Edition is better, except for the price.

    Although the RC car will probably last for a week if u actually use it.
  3. Again the collectors edition is just a gimic, and yes all you get is hackers and little kids yelling and it is so annoying.

    Oh and the hacked lobbys that can reset your rank.

    cod 5 singleplayer was bad and mw2's was aswell, so you get a 1playthrough game and multiplayer that plays the same as the last one but each time round comes more campers.
  4. I for one will not buy it. I find bad company 2 much more enjoyable.
  5. yes agreed, bad company 2 is awesome and the weapons dont sound like pea shooters they sound real.
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