GTA IV Sound Looping Problem Please help Me :(

So i have gta iv with patch when ever i try to play it the loading music still plays when niko appears on the screen in the appartment. Also tire screeching and horns loop and other sound effects go muted. The only fix i have is to restart my computer, but if i exit the game and then start the game again, the problem will occur. I have a few mods installed:
-v1.6 crown vic
-NYPD police car
-FBI crown vic

My computer specs:
GIGABYTE GA ma69g s3h
AMD Athlon 64 x2 2.5Ghz 4800+
ATI Radeon HD 5770
G.Skill 4x1gb

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  1. Just to check do you have the most current soundcard drivers?
  2. Update your sound driver, might be the fix!
  3. where can i get my sound drivers from?
  4. find out what sound card you have should be listed in device manager. Then right click and check for updates or go to you sound card manufacturers website and check there.
  5. this is my mobo:

    it has a Realtek ALC889A sound card with driver version-

    i also put in a different pci sound card and the looping problem still continued
  6. i know its a hassle but have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game also? I have noticed others had this problem and fresh install of the game fixed the problem. could be a corrupt sound file causing the problem.
    Also windows will keep your realtek sound drivers up to date unless you reject them yourself.
  7. yes ive installed the game MANY times. at least 5. and ive tried several patches (no patch, 1.0.3, 1.0.4, 1.0.6, 1.0.7) with no patch it worked but was very laggy and unplayable. its the razor version btw. but it works fine after i restart my computer and play it right away.
  8. did you notice if the problems started when you installed mods? Also can a certain event trigger the loops?
    In options is there a sound quality option you could try changing that or turning sound acceleration off if it has that option in game.
  9. ive tryed it without mods too. i dont think a certain event will trigger the loops. what will happen is the game will load up i click start at the rockstar tv menu the game loads, niko appears in the apartment, and then its time to play but the loading music continues and then if i go into a car and honk the horn its a never ending sound. then if my car skids or any other car skids that also turns into a never ending loop :P

    but if i restart my computer its will work fine

    i have xliveless.dll and dsound.dll in the root of the game but i toook them out and it still happens...
  10. have you had a check on the official rockstar forums also? sorry for pointing out the obvious better to go through basics first.
  11. yes ive googled it and looked on the gta forms but i could not find a fix :(
  12. well im stumped. Hopefully somebody with more knowledge will see this post. sorry i have no solution but good luck.
  13. Thanks for your help. If you come across anything just let me know I'd appreciate it.

  14. i know this thread is old, but if anyone's still looking for the answer, it's getting the AMD core optimizer. apparently, the rockstar program tries to time the sounds itself, gets it wrong, and ends up looping. the core optimizer will fix the timing issue, and you'll be able to play gta4 perfectly.
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