EPSON Projector with PS3

Does anyone have connected a PS3 with any kind of projector ?
Wirelessly I meant sorry. The 1705C EPSON Powerlink is what I have.
I am trying to stream video or game to it with the PS3.
NO LUCK what so ever...

Any help ?
Anyone ?... Please...

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  1. how is the ps3 going to transmit data to the projector??
  2. wi fi or blue tooth?
  3. the projector suports wifi. Are you familiar with wireless networking at all?? The easiest way to do it would be ad-hoc mode, assuming ps3 supports this. you will have to read through the projector user guide to enter the correct setting to connect wirelessly, read the ps3 user guide to connect wirelessly to the projector. The guide makes it pretty simple but im not going to sit here and re-type the whole thing for you.
  4. obsidian86 said:
    wi fi or blue tooth?

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