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I know AMD can't match with intel but AMD is better for gaming or not? and my friend tell me that amd heatup quickly and too much.
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  1. ?
    Processors process instructions. Games are made of instructions. How could a processor made by one company be better at servicing instructions than a processor made by another company?
  2. ilyas429 said:
    I know AMD can't match with intel but AMD is better for gaming or not? and my friend tell me that amd heatup quickly and too much.

    Your friend is a twazzock, if all you are going to do is game with maybe a bit of interweb surfing then an AMD CPU might offer a cost saving over an Intel one that's large enough to mean you can get a better graphic card. The trick is in getting the right AMD CPU.
  3. Mousemonkey said:
    Your friend is a twazzock...

    Now there's one I've never heard before.... :D

    But fully agreed, depending on your needs, the right AMD CPU will give you enough horsepower for a great gaming setup.
  4. and who said anything about over heating too much, my 1055t is O'd to 3.66, idles at 36C and goes up to 53C at full load. heat all depends on your case, hsf, air flow, so on and so forth.
  5. AMD being better for gaming was an idea that was around about 4-6 years ago. Basically pre-Core2. Back then AMD was better in general and specifically in gaming. Intel still had an edge in some other areas like multimedia but overall AMD processors were generally better. Even furthering the "better for gaming" meme was that when Core2 came out and Intel retook the overall lead there was still an idea that single core CPUs were preferable for gaming and at that time Intel really couldn't (and probably didn't care to) compete performance wise with AMD when it came to single core CPUs. 5 years or so ago there were some significant architecture difference between AMD and Intel so you could generalize to some degree that AMD was better at this or Intel was better at that. But since Intel got their *** together with Core2 it's basically gone back to AMD trying to catch up to them but with a lot of overlap between AMD/Intel processors so you really can't say one brand is necessarily better than the other for a given task. The processors are much more similar than they used to be so specific model is more important than brand, which realistically was always the case but more so today.
  6. They did a review on this site, and overall the Intell i7 beat the Phenom II in every test.
    About %10 higher framerates.
    Not enough to warrant paying triple for a top end i7.
    However, things might spread even further with game manufactures making use of Intel's hyper threading. Time will tell.

    Right now SE is a company that openly discusses the significant improvement they got when they designed their latest flagship title with hyper threading in mind: FFXIV. That game has been hell on high end systems. Looks absolutely amazing!
  7. my cpu is amd athlon ii x4 630 2.8

    it isnt the top and i use it for like 8 hours of playing (im not nerd!!!) high graphics games never expirenced any low fps or crash in games or heat up

    so i think youre frind is misunderstanding something here

    just tell youre friend i said hello :)
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    I always select AMD cpus in order to save enough money for high end video cards, like my SLI set of GTX280 I bought a couple of years ago.

    I bought the AMD Phenom II 955 Black Edition 3.2ghz quad core, and the equivalent Core i7 (meaning it had 3.2ghz quad) was sold at 1399$ Canadian, versus my 300$ AMD. Furthermore, the AMD Phenom 955 put up quite a fight in the benchmarks I saw, some which were posted on this site (I think), which brought up an interesting price vs performance debate.

    So far, for the same price of ONE Core i7 3.2ghz quad, I was able to buy another second generation quad core for 3.2ghz, plus a high quality motherboard, and one of my two GTX280. I bought another GTX280 on ebay for half price, and BOOYA! Now there are only two games that make my computer break a sweat: Crysis and Starcraft 2. Both of those I can play with very high settings through.

    As for the temperature of the cpu, get yourself an Ultra Chilltech aftermarket cooler. It keeps my CPU at 25 Celcius idle, and 35-38 Celcius while playing Crysis for 2 hours. It also comes with a temperature monitor you can hook up to your tower bays, so you can observe how cool it keeps the chip.
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