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I am looking to buy my first gaming mouse. I have always been a die-hard console gamer and was looking to transition to pc gaming. I play a lot of shooter games such as MW2, COD4, and Halo. Please let me know what kind of mouse you suggest and critic the mouse I am looking into. Here is what I am looking at:

Logitech G500

Logitech G9x

Razer Naga

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Sorry but I am also looking into these game pads as I suck at the keyboard. Does anyone know anything about these?

    Belkin n52te

    Logitech G13

    Anyone use these or recommend them? Thanks for your sincere help.
  2. anyone have any suggestions?
  3. bump...
  4. i have the g9x , totally amazing mouse, i love the on the fly dpi change,
    great for BC2 when switch from sniper to assault and back again. once you use that smooth mouse wheel, its hard to use any other mouse. i personnaly dont have any added weights in mine, but the option is there. and i also like to use the rougher surface cover for it, a nice little feature too is the ability to change the color of the lights on it, mine is set to blue to match my g110 keyboard, blue power button on my CM Elite Case and my external HDD, looks swanky :-)

    As for you gamepad choice, imho stick with the cant be beat
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