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I seriously can't decide between the Logitech G500 or Razer DeathAdder gaming mice, they're both equally good but I'm not sure which to get. The logitech has better quality and cool features, but Razer looks better and uses a better sensor because it's infrared, however it is known to have a reputation of bad quality... :??:
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  1. Have you tried both of them to see which one you like holding more? I have the G500, my roommate has the DeathAdder; I personally like the feel of the G500 (probably used to the mouse design) more and you get more buttons if you like, that's not to say I dislike the DeathAdder I just prefer the G500.
  2. Does the G500 skip because I heard laser sensors have problems on certain surfaces?

    I haven't tried the feel of the DeathAdder yet but I've tried the G5 which has similar shape to the G500 and that felt pretty good.
  3. Well lasers "will" skip if they are put directly on glass or possibly an opaque surface. Highly reflective surfaces probably aren't good either.

    However laser mice can be used on many more surfaces than the old ball mice. Those you practically needed a mouse pad in pristine condition or else the rolling mechanism would get all gunked up. I have yet found it necessary to "clean" a laser mouse, minus the natural oils that are left by my hand and turn into layers after a long time.
  4. So you mean lasers go buggy when the sensor lens is dirty?
  5. Bostick said:
    So you mean lasers go buggy when the sensor lens is dirty?

    I meant more so on the top of the mouse (the buttons) and it's more of an atheistic (and clearing the yuck) factor than anything else.

    As far as the laser goes I have never had to clean one and I've used laser mice for the better part of 10 years.
  6. Since lasers sound pretty reliable, that makes DeathAdder and G500 closer to being equal, which one should I get?
  7. That I can't help you...best I can say is check online sites for any reliablity issues and try to get to a store to get a feel for them yourself to see which one seems more comfortable to you.
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