Starcraft 2 - Is my Computer Enough

CPU - E6600 Core 2 Duo @ 2.4ghz
4 gig ram
Radeon 4870

Trying to run everything at 1920x1200 but I seem to run into serious performance issues on anything other than Low/Medium which is somewhat disappointing because I thought my system would be able to handle SC2 on Ultra but I guess not?

Any ideas? Do I have to upgrade my CPU/Mobo? I am pretty sure this video card will cut it.

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  1. My best guess is it would be a cpu bottleneck since SC2 is fairly cpu heavy, try overclocking it to 2.8 or higher

    My friend has a 5770 and can run it at ultra in 1080p with no skips so it shouldnt be your gpu
  2. try running at a lower resolution
  3. OC it to about 3ghz or so with stock volts.
    I have a e5200 @2.93ghz
    HD 3870
    6gb ddr2

    I think i could handle it well
  4. This is like CPU problem.Try the game by lowering phys.The game run very well in my rig.My pc-C2Q 2.5Ghz,2GB DDR3 Ram,OS -XP,ATI HD 5670
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