Mafia 2 Benchmark

I have downloaded the demo and benchmarked my pc but it seems that its too slow for my specs, give me feedback and post ur benchmarks/specs aswell

everything on high and on
16x anisotropic

i get
50.1 average FPS
Rank C

NOW same thing with PhysX Medium

i get
24 average FPS
Rank D

AMD Phenom X4 9950 BE @ 3.0GHz
8BG DDR2 800
MSI Geforce GTX 470
running windows 7 64 bit

isnt the fps too low with PhysX on since the GTX 470 is recommended for PhysX on medium ?
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  1. u got a GTX 470 !
    what low specs u taliking abt, well at taht resolution do u really need anisotropic 16 x, i got physx on medium too and got 58 fps, rank c too, but some things uneccesarily high.
  2. yep same here, with physx on med/high I get a D with it off i get a C running stock gtx470 and Q9550 with 6GB of Ram, I thought this was meant to be friendly from a spec point of view.
  3. just ran it again, with high everything,16x af and no physx I got
    55.5fps avg 3.2-125...

    with shadows low, x1 af and shadow med, geo med I got
    58fps avg 9.4-142
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