How do you back up your MW2 Online profile?

Hey all,

Several times when playing Modern Warfare 2 I've gotten into a hacked server which causes me to unlock all equipment and reach level 70 instantly. This has become very frustrating because to me, the whole point in the game is unlocking everything yourself....

So I was wondering, can someone give me a step by step walkthrough of how to backup your online profile so if I get into another hacked server then I can just revert to my backup save (being the last time I played the game) so I dont have to either put up with having everything unlocked or completely starting again at the next prestige?

I also read somewhere that if you create a file in your saves folder and put certain coding in it, the game will backup my save automatically into this file each time i run the game so I'm not constantly having to back up my game manually everytime I play. Anybody know how exactly you do that?

Any help would greatly be appreciated as this is really beginning to frustrate me...

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  1. Well there's a way using Easy Account Manager but it's considered a hack to MW2 servers, but apparently you don't get caught for using it, but I would risk it.

    You could also got to \steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 2 and just copy the folder called "players" to some place safe, and whenever you want to go back to your old level then just paste the folder you safely stored somewhere else back in. It should work, last time I used it anyway.
  2. ok thanks ill try easy account manager. yea i tried cpying that folder but it didnt do anything sadly :/
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