BSOD w/Crysis HD5670 and Win 7 x64 - need help!

Hi, hope someone can help me - I think I've tried everything I could google. I've been having non-stop crashes with Crysis (with AND without latest patches) - Bluescreen. Interestingly enough crashes are more frequent when all settings are on high; on medium game plays for quites some time, although occasionally crashes as well. Would appreciate any help!!

Below are my specs and so far I've tried these things:

- Uninstalled AVG - no change, so put it back. I didn't purchase through Steam but thought would give it a try anyway.
- Disabled internal GPU - no difference
- Tried running game in Vista SP2 and XP SP2 compatibility modes - same crashes
- Changed memory voltage and timing - same thing
- Ran memtest overnight - no errors
- Tried adding - DX9 at the end of the path - game starts, same crashes

Windows 7 Pro x 64, DX11
Comodo Firewall + AVG
Have minimum things in startup
Most recent ATI driver + CCC 10.8

AMD Phenom II x 965
Asus M4A785TD-v EVO mobo (w/integrated ATI hd4200)
DDR3 2x2GB, Valueram KVR1333D3N9K2/4G
Sapphire HD5670 1Gb DDR5
PSU 500w - w/Antec case
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  1. If your PSU is a generic one it MIGHT be power issues doing something funny. that or maybe check the temps of your hardware when running crysis. does it crash ONLY with crysis or are you only trying crysis. try some benchmarks and if you still get BSOD then you know its hardware and not crysis related :)
  2. Hi Mottamort, is there specific benchmark test(s) you can recommend? I played around with sisoft sandra and everest but not sure if this is what's needed ..
  3. Thanks. Ran all but GPU: memtest (wouldn't let me) and CPU: linpack (I have AMD, does it matter?). No errors.

    Played around with memory sticks and adding -dx9 at the end of the shortcut target path, tried running Crysis on one memory stick in different slots. Stability is better/longer but still crashes. Then tried running Crysis on low settings and lower resolution - much longer game play - now occasionally crashes to desktop but sometimes still BSOD at the end or beginning of a level where cinematics is I guess. As soon as I up setting to medium or high - instant crashes.

    Now thinking of RMA'ing the videocard - would hate to have to pay $25-45 + shipping..

    Any other ideas?
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